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Unique Faberge Eggs

Unique Faberge Eggs

Faberge Eggs have always been special to me.  I’ve been searching them out at art auctions since I was in my early twenties.  I did a term paper on the Faberge Company and their history of making eggs for the Russian Tsars between 1885 and 1917.

The first Faberge Egg that I ever found at an art auction was actually quite by chance.  The Faberge Egg was not one of the advertised items and was actually a bottle topper.  I instantly fell in love with it and took it home from the art auction for one hundred dollars.

I saw an advertisement for a tropical Faberge Egg from a collection St. Petersburg.  It was set to be up for sale at an art auction in New York City.  I knew that I was going to be unable to purchase it, but I wanted to see it in person and at least put in one of the lower bids.

The tropical Faberge Egg at that art auction in New York City ended up selling for over six thousand dollars.  That is out of my price range, but I was happy just to have been in the same room with this masterpiece.  The eggs themselves are just exciting to be near.

The first Faberge Egg was made in 1885.  I know that it will never turn up in an art auction, but hopefully I will see it someday in an exhibit.  The first one was commissioned by Tsar Alexander III and was given to his wife as an Easter present.  The surprise inside the egg was a golden hen in a golden yolk.  The hen was wearing a tiny crown with a ruby hanging inside.

The antique Russian Faberge Egg that I found at an art auction recently was so detailed.  The silver enamel egg has rubies and eagles and is marked with Faberge hallmarks.  I was able to win this egg because I was bidding with someone else’s money.  The best eggs always end up with the richest people.

The piece that I want in my collection is a genuine Lillies of the Valley Faberge Egg.  I found one at an art auction I went to ten years ago.  I was unable to buy the one I saw, because I didn’t have the money at the time.  I’ve been saving for the time that I see another one.

The Lillies of the Valley Faberge Egg is covered with pearls and pale pink enamel.  The egg is on a stand that has legs of matte green-gold leaves with rose dewdrops. The gold-stemmed lilies of the valley have green enamelled leaves and pearl flowers. I will look for this egg at every art auction I ever attend.

This Faberge Egg is delightful.  It is surmounted by an Imperial crown of rose crystals.  There is a pearl knob that reveals the surprise of this egg.  The surprise is portrait miniatures of Czar Nicholas II and his two oldest daughters.  The portraits are framed in rose crystals and backed with gold panels.  I have heard a rumor that one will be at an art auction next year in Miami.

The last art au

ction I attended I purchased a Faberge Egg called the Imperial Clover Egg.  It was for my personal collection and I won it for under a thousand dollars.  I felt like it was quite a steal at that price.

The Imperial Clover Faberge Egg was originally made with a four leaf clover inside of it that had portraits of the four daughters of Nicholas and Alexandra.  The portraits went missing during the Russian Revolution.  The egg that I bought at the art auction had a stem of clovers standing upright.  Two clovers in green enamel and the third, a four leaf clover, was done in diamonds.  The diamond four leaf clover is a pin that can be worn.

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Decorative Collectibles Art


Decorative Collectibles at Art Auctions

I have found many decorative collectibles at art auctions over the years.  I have a display cabinet filled with all of my finds.  My favorite of all of the decorative collectibles are Pendelfin rabbits.

Pendelfin rabbits captivated my interest when I was a young girl.  My dad was stationed in England and my mother bought me my first of many decorative collectibles at an art auction.  The bookends that she bought for me are extremely rare and I recently had them appraised at more than fifteen hundred dollars.

I’ve been searching at art auctions in my area every time that decorative collectibles are advertised as being up for sale.  My greatest hope is that I can find a Pendelfin item named The Shoe.  I’ve been looking for this particular piece for about five years.

The larger pieces of decorative collectibles seem to get really expensive really fast at an art auction.  I’ve seen three people at once bidding up the Pendelfin rabbits to a point where the price is just out of my reach.  I love these rabbits, but I have to stay on budget when I attend an art auction.

There is one Pendelfin item that I found at an art auction early in my collection that I spend a lot more money than I wanted to.  I just had no idea how much a love of decorative collectibles could end up costing.  The item I bought was a three inch by four inch little plaque with Robert the rabbit depicted.

I sell decorative collectibles with online art auctions.  I find the items at art auctions and sales that I attend in person.  I have never resold a piece of Pendelfin.  I keep them in my own private collection.  My husband bought me a Pendelfin figurine named Auctioneer.  I love it.

Almost all of the rabbits produced by Pendelfin are small.  These decorative collectibles have retained their value for a long time.  Art auctions are a great place to hunt for really cool pieces that are larger and rare.  I’ve been looking for one named Aunt Ruby for a couple of years, now.

Aunt Ruby is one of the large size rabbits.  I already have Uncle Soames and Mother.  These were actually some of the first pieces of decorative collectibles.  I found them at an art auction I attended with my husband before we married.

There was an anniversary piece put out by Pendelfin.  I don’t think that it is worth what I keep seeing it for new and in stores that sell decorative collectibles.  I’ll just keep looking for it at a reasonable price at the art auctions I attend.

I was so excited when I found two big pieces of Pendelfin decorative collectibles at the last art auction I attended.  I bought both the one named Toy Shop and the one named The Castle Tavern.  They look great with all of the others that I’ve bought and won at auctions over the years.

My sister called me from an art auction last year to tell me that she had found a treasure trove of decorative collectibles.  She said that there was one lot that contained nine Pendelfin pieces.  I authorized her to pay up to four hundred dollars for the lot because some of the pieces were chipped.  I was shocked when the lot went for eighty dollars, the opening bid.

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