My name is Lewis, and I am an artist. Growing up in the Midwest, I was drawn from an early age to art. It spoke to me, an opportunity to lay my soul bare and to let the whole world know just what I was seeing, just what I was thinking. Now 75 years old, I have been practicing for a long time, and art is still my greatest love. I enjoy wood burning, in large part due to the meticulous process for which it calls. You start out and keep going and keep going, and if you keep going long enough, you end up with a piece of art.


Art to me is just another way of recording your thoughts, like a visionary diary. I specialize in nature scenes and simple landscapes. Always available to discuss my work, I spend most of my time reflecting on what I do and actually getting down to brass taxes and working. Nothing makes me happier. Nothing else fills my heart and warms my spirit.

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This is my life, and I love it. It’s filled with art, and so it’s filled with beauty.

40 thoughts on “About”

  1. Love your artwork and very interesting Payrography ART (wood Burning Art) … I would love to feature you on my Arts & Entertainment Features, if you are interested.

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    1. Hi starborn41! Congratulations to a blog well done!
      SoundEagle agrees with Hadel. As we are all art lovers, SoundEagle would like to introduce you to https://soundeagle.wordpress.com/2013/04/10/soundeagle-in-april-love-and-dove-art-and-heart-game-and-puzzle-music-and-video/.

      Please be informed that you should preferrably use a desktop or laptop computer with a large screen to view the multimedia contents on SoundEagle’s websites, which could be too powerful and feature-rich for iPad, iPhone, tablet or other portable device to handle properly or adequately.

      Also, if you would like to see and use certain animations and games on the websites (and also in the abovementioned post about April Love), then your computer or mobile device must be Flash-enabled.

      Please enjoy!

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  2. So admire your woodburning! I grew up in a time when toys were gender-specific. My brother had a woodburning set and I wanted one but not allowed. As an adult, bought myself one but ugh…It is extremely difficult! Artists seem to make their work look so easy 🙂 Anyway, looking forward to your blog.


    1. I have been doing wood burning Art for about 43 years. I stop for while and
      than go back to it. I find takes longer and more time at my age to make it look the
      way I want to. I think for you start with something really simple and go from that point
      to bigger and better. All us must keep trying none of us were born able to do this. Thank you for your
      kind words… Lewis

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  3. aloha MJAS. i am an artist. with a degree in fine arts. i would have preferred to leave this comment with the post I’m replying to, however the comments are off there.

    i agree with much of what you say in the post of November 15, 2016. however two things:

    1- in the Q and A section i believe under “Why Art”, at the end of the reply or “answer” i suspect the intention was to finish a thought there. or possibly to drop the last two words and end with a period rather than the comma before those last two words. this is an easy fix in the post and i suspect over all would support and strengthen your words.

    2- i agree with most everything you’ve said in the post. where i would differ is in the comparison with other fields. it’s not that i think other fields (the sciences and so on) are better or more preferable to the Arts so much as i believe we need both (or all) in our world not as competitors but as working partners. a point you make as the article continues. to me there is no question of the importance of art and the Arts in education and our lives. you make many valid points along this line. however i feel art and other fields work best working together rather than in competition with each other. some people choosing one area and other people choosing another area makes this possible.

    thank you for supporting the Arts and art. for me, art as you say is everywhere in our life and has an effect on our life every day in many ways, both directly and in many unseen (or perhaps unrecognized) ways. it enriches our life with beauty, yet also improves our life in many other such as when it addresses social issues for instance, planet wide.

    art on. aloha. rick.


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