Golf Vacations in Mexico

Golf Vacations in Mexico

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Golf Vacations in Mexico


Mexico may be known for its gorgeous beaches and emerald seas, but many people know that the country is also a place that offers some of the world’s best golfing experiences. The Mexican terrain, which many consider as rugged and too wild for any sane designer to tame, has been taken on by no less than world renowned top designers like Jack Nicklaus and Robert Von Hagge. These designers transformed the state from a rough landscape bordered around the edges by white sandy beaches and craggy mountains to a haven for golfers of all tastes and skill levels.

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There is literally a smorgasbord for all golf tastes in Mexico, consisting of the world’s finest layouts and hundreds of courses you can play. Now, all you have to do is to choose one of many golf vacations in Mexico that suits your golf personality.


Go for Challenging, Not Overwhelming


When you go on golf vacations in Mexico, keep in mind this one consideration: look for courses that have a difficulty level you can handle. A challenge is good. That is true. But when things become overwhelming, the game ceases to be fun. That can’t be right. You’re on vacation. You’re supposed to be having fun.


The great thing, however, about golf vacations in Mexico is that most of the golf courses have varied courses available. This will allow you to enjoy yourself with your particular ability. You can check out the top of the line golf courses in Los Cabos for some golf and relaxation.

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The Corridor, the 18 hole golf course at the Cabo del Sol resort there, was designed by no less than Jack Nicklaus. The course is one of the top ranked golf courses in the world and is site of one of the best golf vacations in Mexico. But if you’re up for a little challenge, the Palmilla Golf Club, a 27 hole course that is Nicklaus’s first signature Latin American course, is known as one of the toughest to tackle. It is located right near the Hotel Palmilla, which is a hideaway designed in the hacienda style and once a favorite of the rich and famous like John Wayne, Desi Arnaz and Bing Crosby.


The Weather Factor


Another important thing to consider when choosing golf vacations in Mexico is the weather. Now matter how great a golf course you are in, if the weather does not permit it, you’re going to have a  lousy time. Take golf courses in the UK, for instance. In the summer, the place can be a golfer’s dream with the sun not coming down until as late as 10 or 11 p.m. So you can swing 36 holes a day and still have enough daylight to spare for other activities. The only problem is that summer could also bring unpredictable cold and heat with lots of rain and wind in between.

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If you are one of those die hard golfers who want predictability, consider this factor. The great thing about golf vacations in Mexico is that you won’t have that much trouble with rain and wind. Most golf vacations in Mexico are built in the desert, surrounded by jungle, along pristine beaches or close to archeological ruins, quaint villages or other attractions. And when you go there in the summer months, the effect is even way better. You can combine your favorite pastime with the joy of beaches and margaritas for truly memorable golf vacations in Mexico.

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