The Joy Of Making Watercolors

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The Joy Of Making Watercolors

I think everyone has had the opportunity to paint with watercolors. This is mostly because painting with watercolors has become a regular activity in schools. Watercolors may be difficult to master but unlike oils or acrylics, they are essentially child-friendly. This is because they are so easy-to-use and their water base is non-toxic. This is why most preschools and kindergartens usually use them in parts of their curriculum. Who hasn’t seen or experienced finger painting? Watercolors are an excellent medium for any budding artist to start in. This is why they’re also making them is an excellent activity to share with them.

The idea of making paints maybe daunting, but it should be noted that most artists before the twentieth century mixed their own paints. It’s just most people have forgotten the art of mixing paints because we often see art materials packed and ready-to-use…

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