Magikal Journeys Art Studio

If you are surrounded by four blank, white walls, then it is probably time to inject some life and color to your home, and you may find that abstract wall art is what you are looking for.

Abstract wall art shows movement in the form of shapes, blotches or lines, and it usually shows large blocks of color lying atop, next to or intermingling with each other. Abstract wall art epitomizes spontaneity and is generally independent of any visual reference to the world outside.

Ideal for achieving a contemporary touch to your home or office, abstract wall art generally works best for oversized spaces which act as a foil to this unique art form.

The material used to create abstract wall art is indeed diverse, and include but is not limited to, wood, pottery, bamboo, silk screen, glass, stone, canvas, and metal. Of these, metal and its constituent elements such…

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