Natural 75*20mm Fluorite Amethyst Rose Quartz Healing Crystal Wand Point Black obsidian Carving Scepter Reiki Stone Carved

Magikal Journeys

Size: approx 75x20x20mm (3.0″x0.9″x0.9″)

weight: approx 95g

Material: Flurite ,Amethyst ,Rose quartz ,Black obsidian ,Clear crystal

Qct: 1pc/opp bag

The picture is only for your reference, you will get similar crystal because of natural stone.

Picture is enlarged to show more details, please check the descriptions for actual size before bidding, thanks!

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Edger Cayce: Psychic Reading And Healing

Magikal Journeys


Edger Cayce: Psychic Reading And Healing

Those who know the story of Edgar Cayce, know that as a child he was not a scholar. He would try to study and just could not wrap his young mind around what he needed to learn. After studying a particularly long time one night, he fell asleep with his head on his text book. When he woke, he knew and understood everything the book held.

Edgar Cayce was able to help thousands of people with illnesses and conveyed many truths while in a trancelike state that he could induce himself. His wife by his side, he would lie on a couch and, while in trance, his body was used by another entity, or entities that were able to diagnose and give council on how to heal diseases, and crucial information on the avoidance of disaster, among many other topics. His wife would act…

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The Secret – To Spiritual Success

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Before you are born, you sit down with your spiritual guides (for approximately 2 years Earth time) and together you decide what lessons you need to master during this lifetime, what negative karma you need to balance, and what personality traits you will possess during this lifetime to help you to achieve your life lessons. This forms the basis of what is known as your Soul Life Blueprint.

It is over the course of hundreds of lives that you choose to master higher qualities of love, forgiveness, unconditional love, tolerance, acceptance, compassion, empathy, wisdom, and many, many more. Throughout our lives we incur karma (or negative debt) through wrong action. This must be repaid over the course of our lifetimes, and every lesson mastered, before we can free ourselves from the Earth plane, never to return. 80% of the negative energy you feel inside is residual negative energy from a…

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